Nieto Technology Partners is a Texas Limited Liability Company.   Since 1995 Nieto has been providing IT support in the Houston Metroplex as well as nation wide.  We specialize in business and IT consulting, IT network and hardware support, application development and online marketing services. Our greatest strength is our ability to combine people skills with technical expertise to deliver client solutions.  We are a Customer Service Company that knows IT and help our clients solve problems with the latest technology available.

Our clients range from small and medium businesses (SMBs) to Fortune 100 companies. Our experts have various levels of education from technology training to Computer Science degrees. Most importantly, they have gained strong hands-on experience having worked for NASA, Deloitte, CSC, Northrop Grumman, Microsoft, and several of the large oilfield companies in Houston. This experience enables Nieto to deliver an array of vertical market solutions.

With roles ranging from helpdesk support, to technology advisers to interim CIOs, we can do everything from installing hardware, writing custom software, or hosting all your technology needs. We listen to our clients, learn their business and processes, learn their pain points, and make recommendations  that are aligned with their strategic goals.