Tips for IT Storm Preparedness

Before the storm

  • Ensure all systems are fully backed up.
  • Ensure that you have a copy of your data stored offsite
  • Review your Disaster Recovery plan.
  • Pick up equipment off of floors and place on shelves, tables or desks to prevent damage in the event of a flood or water leak.
  • Ensure that you’ve met with your IT team to discuss how you prefer to handle IT during and after the storm. For example, you may declare a support blackout during the storm and for 24 hours after the storm so that the IT team can focus on addressing any damage.
  • Ensure that you have a process for tracking the status of techs. Some may be without power and may need assistance themselves.

During the storm

  • Human life is more important than IT. Ensure everyone stays safe. Do not take unnecessary risks.
  • Stay away from low-hanging or fallen power lines and report them immediately to the utility company that services the area.
  • If the water has risen above the electrical outlets, ensure the breakers are turned off. DO NOT ENTER THE WATER in areas that are flooded. Ensure a license electrician inspects the circuits before restoring power.
  • If water enters your server room from above, shutdown the servers and turn off the breakers to the areas affected. Once power is off, cover the gear with tarps.


After the storm

  • Open up any equipment that was exposed to water and look for damage.
  • Make sure the equipment is dry before testing.
  • Clean any contamination as quickly as possible.
  • Utilize your spare inventory to replace production equipment damaged by the storm.
  • Contact Nieto Support or 713-893-5667 for assistance.